After 31 years she died, her frozen body recovered

A group of tourists has found on the highest mountain in Europe the frozen body of a Russian mountain climber who disappeared there 31 years ago.

Elena Basykina (36) started the climb of the Elbres with six others but was never seen again.

The woman’s body looked like a “wash doll”, that’s what the rescuers who took down her remains from the 5,642-meter-high mountain in the autonomous Russian republic Kabardino-Balkaria.

For 31 years she was buried in the ice at about 4,000 meters.

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Beside her body was her airline ticket from airline Aeroflot. On April 10, 1987, she had flown from Moscow to the mountain resort of Mineralnye Vody to begin the ascent.

Her passport from the former Soviet Union was also part of her possessions.

It was always assumed that the wife and her companions were killed in an avalanche on the mountain.

After the disappearance of the group, rescue workers were still looking for them, but without result but her family kept in mind that there were in other slopes.

“We feared that she might have been kidnapped and held hostage in the dangerous region,” said her cousin Evgeny, with whom she had a good relationship.

“We tried to find out what had happened to her, because we wanted to give her a decent funeral. We have been waiting for more than 30 years. We will take care of her body and have already discussed a place at a cemetery in Moscow for her.”

Elena was not married and had no children according to Russian media, the mountains were “the love of her life”.

Together with her, her best friend Valentina Lapina and five men were killed. Their bodies have not been recovered yet.

Source: Daily Mail

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