After all the controversy: ‘The Simpsons’ deletes character Apu

Striking news about ‘The Simpsons’: hoopla character Apu – he would be stereotyped – and controversial reaction from the creators that criticism of Fox channel would like to delete figure now from the series.

That reveals producer Adi Shankar against film and TV website IndieWire. “I have heartrending news, and it has already been confirmed to me by various sources. They are going to make the character Apu disappear completely,” he says. “Not with a big farewell or something, but silently. They simply want to avoid controversy as much as possible.”

The character of Apu has been featured in ‘The Simpsons’ since the very first season of 1990. In recent years, however, there was more and more criticism, because he would be too stereotypically depicted. “It is pure racism,” it sounded. “Apu is not funny. He’s just being laughed at because he’s an Indian with a strange accent.”

Controversial reaction
The creators of ‘The Simpsons’ shrugged their shoulders and responded with an episode in which Marge and her daughter Lisa conduct a controversial dialogue. “Something that was considered innocent for years is now labelled as politically incorrect”, said about Apu. After which the popular series and the character Apu got even more in the eye of the storm. So much so that it was now decided to have the character disappear from the cartoon series.

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