Aggressive thief robes mother with two months old baby

An aggressive thief robbed a mother and her two-month-old baby in Ixelles last night. The young man kicked the mother in the belly and brought down the carriage with the baby. Fortunately, the child remained unharmed and the thief could be arrested some time later, but not before he had made another victim.

The young mother was raided at 22:00 in the Lesbroussartstraat in Ixelles when she was walking with her baby. A young man tried to steal her cell phone and when the woman resisted, she was thrown to the ground and she got a kick in her stomach. In the bully the robber also overturned the children’s coach, but the child remained unharmed because it was fastened.

An hour later a police patrol in the Zomerstraat was approached by a man who stated that he had just been extorted. A young man forced him to go into a shop with him to buy a can of beer, and when the man had wanted to pay with a 50-euro note, the young man had thrown it out of his hands and had gone on the run.

The officers searched the area and found the young man. He found it in possession of the 50 euro note but claimed he did not know where he got it from. The money was returned to the victim and the young man was identified as the 24-year-old BP. Moreover, it proved to be perfectly in line with the description the young mother had previously given of her robber.

BP was arrested and made available to the public prosecutor.

Source: VTM

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