Amazing: Melanesians, black and blond people of Australia (Photos)

Located in the north of Australia, Melanesia is inhabited by a people with traits that attract curiosities.

These blond-haired blacks, called Melanesians, have an incredible genetics.

Already among whites, blondness is rare, as it exists only in 5% of people, most often of European descent.

The researchers discovered that to be blond, it was necessary to be born of two blond parents because it is a so-called recessive gene.

At first, some scientists attributed this blondness to sea baths and sun exposure but also to a diet rich in fish.

In addition, other researchers had supported the theory of the descendants of explorers from Europe.

It is a thanks to a geneticist named Sean Myles that these hypotheses will be refuted. He took saliva and hair samples from 1209 Melanesians, both blond and brown, to discover a mutant gene called TYRP1.

After analysis, he discovered that this blond gene is different from that of Europeans.

To date, between 5 and 10% of Melanesians are blond.

This particular color of hair gives them a unique identity throughout the world.


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