American university under attack for $5,000 on Nina Hartley’s lecture

The 59-year-old Nina Hartley got the chance to hold a lecture at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The big chancellor of the university, Joe Gow, even had $5,000 for that. But the man is now under fire for a spicy detail: Hartley is a former P-star.

Hartley gave a one-and-a-half-hour lecture entitled ‘Fantasy’. Reality: a critical look at media for adults’. The explanation was not mandatory, though seventy students showed up.

The essence of Nina Hartley’s message was: “Fantasy is what we want, the reality is what we negotiate”.

Gow pointed to the importance of sezx in our society and argued that you should not look further than the popularity of sites for adults. That is why he had also invited the ex-P actress.

In his own words, he paid Nina Hartley with the interest of a student fund. No cent came from tax money, he claimed.

Gow thought the audience got value for money with “a unique look at things we do not hear every day”.

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