Animal abuse: YouTuber criticize for freezing a live snake with nitrogen

When it comes to having visitors and making more money, many YouTubers usually bet on uploading content that is controversial or very risky, which can cause outrage among Internet users. This is the case of the Garramundo YouTube channel, which has been criticized on networks for animal abuse by having a live snake frozen, by putting its head in liquid nitrogen, and then “trying to revive it”.

The US YouTuber said he lives in El Paso, Texas, a place “full of snakes that often bite their relatives”. He pointed out that he chose to do the “experiment” with the snake, because there they do not want them ‘because they can bite someone, they are dangerous and it is not that we are bad with animals. The vipers are simply not liked here; they are not welcome, and when we see one we have to kill them because they reproduce.”

The experiment simply consisted in knowing if a snake could be killed in this way: “Instead of killing it with a shovel and cutting off its head, I said: What if we put it in liquid nitrogen, only its head? What will happen? Will he die, will he go again? (…) Will it pretend it’s dead?”

The video generated a lot of anger, because Internet users agreed that this was no reason to freeze it in such a way, because animals have no conscience of goodness or badness, but only instinct.

After putting the head of the snake in the liquid nitrogen, it stopped moving and then the man said: “It is totally frozen, we do not know if it is dead or alive, we know that we freeze it (…) I do not know if it died or not anymore he died. Apparently, it’s frozen. What do you think? Would he die? (…) We do not know what can happen. Ah, look, it’s wagging its tail!”

Also, man plays to scare people who are with him by pulling the inert animal toward them, pretending to winnow. Also, hit the head of the snake on the table to show that it is frozen and hard. The experiment is observed at all times by the daughter of YouTuber, a fact that also generated criticism.

The YouTuber finally left the snake on the table to thaw out and see what happened. Evidently, the snake died, and thus the video ended, without any conclusion or teaching.

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