Another attack on school in Nigeria: thirty students are missing

For the fourth time in less than three months, a school in Nigeria has been attacked by gunmen. About thirty students have been kidnapped, the local police confirm.

The perpetrators have been carrying out attacks on villages for ten years now. In doing so, they steal livestock and kidnap people for ransom.

In the last few months, attention seems to have shifted to schools. The attacks would not be ideologically or religiously motivated but purely for the ransom.

Yesterday a secondary school in Mando (Kaduna state) was targeted. At the time of the attack, some 200 students and teachers were in the school. The young people are all 17 or older.

The security forces were quickly on the scene to fight the attackers. “The soldiers managed to rescue 42 students. About 30 students are still missing,” said a communiqué from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kaduna.

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