Artist (san yo) stuck inside private part of another artist’s wife [Video]

What started as a game of pleasure, ended up in a disgraceful manner. Many did not believe that the invincible force that manipulate flesh is still active, it works perfect in Africa. It’s a drama that has put social networks in Uganda on the limb. A musician found himself stuck between the legs of the wife of another popular singer while they made love.

The artist popularly known as San Yo, reportedly took the wife of his counterpart, Abdul Mulaasi, to a local hotel to “play love game”. But after their love affair, they could not separate because the private part of the man refused to leave that of the woman. Does it glue?

The incident allegedly took place in Namasuba, one of the suburbs of Kampala, capital of Uganda. The embarrassed couple started screaming for help after repeatedly trying to detach themselves.

In a video of the incident circulating on the net, we can see the two people stuck receiving help from people to get out of the hotel room and then put in a vehicle to go for help. ‘an aboriginal doctor. Interestingly, before the two were taken away, the lady’s husband appeared but did not seem so surprised at what was happening. The unfaithful couple was finally separated, which embarrassed them a lot.

Watch the video below:

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