“As far as blacks are concerned, they are all ugly” – Says African-American

A 16-year-old African American shocked many after she said she identifies as white. Nicknamed Treasure, the girl said during a show of Dr. Phil that she is white because she feels it in her veins.

“I have naturally smooth hair. My nose is not big like that of African Americans. My lips are perfect, they are neither too big nor too small. My ears, I do not have black ears because they are really wide. Most African Americans speak the language of the ghetto. As far as blacks are concerned, I think they are all ugly and I have nothing in common with them.”

She says blacks are mostly criminals and when she walks in the street and meets a black person, she changes direction. She also revealed that blacks are usually fat.

Dr. Phil also revealed that when Treasure first arrived in his office and met one of his assistants who is black, she refused to shake her hand.

According to Treasure’s brother, this racist behavior began when she was only 5 years old.


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  1. l don’t blame her she is still young …l do blame her faken parents….teach young generation mannerz…we a ugly shit!!!

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  3. Lol that idiot is too ugly look at that big mouth and dental formula… she looks like Spongebob
    You fool

  4. she calling us ugly, fine we are ugly but we are ourselves.
    I feel like this little girls memory is distorted.
    we are ugly? check her lips that look like rubber band that lost elasticity.

    now she feels superior because she thinks she is white😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

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