At least 100,000 coronavirus deaths worldwide

The worldwide death toll from the coronavirus outbreak is at least 100,000 since Friday. This is evident from figures from the American Johns Hopkins University.

The first death officially attributed to the virus was reported on January 9 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It took 83 days for the death toll to reach 50,000 worldwide. Eight days later, 100,000 deaths had already been reported.

The number of confirmed cases now exceeds 1.6 million, although this is undoubtedly an underestimation because it is not possible to test rigorously everywhere. The death toll may also be higher in reality, according to the university. In official figures, some countries only include patients who die in hospitals.

Italy is the most affected country with over 18,000 deaths, followed by the US, where at least 17,000 people have succumbed to the coronavirus. Spain and France have nearly 16,000 and 13,000 deaths, respectively. More than 9,000 corona patients have died in Great Britain.

The United States has the highest number of confirmed corona infections, with 473,000 patients. New York State is the worst affected region, with at least 7,844 deaths.

In Africa, there are total confirmed cases of 12,847, while 10,027 Cases still under treatment. Only 2,127 have been healed so far, but 693 people succumbed to the deadly virus.

South Africa is the most affected country in Africa with 2, 003 total number of cases, 410 cases cure, and 24 died. However, Egypt is the second most affected with 1,794 confirmed cases, while 384 people have been cured and 135 death. Algeria being third on the counter with 1,761 confirmed cases and 405 healed cases with 256 deaths.

©BBC – Map of the affected countries in Africa

Much unknown

Much is still unknown about the virus; for example, how deadly it is. Estimates vary on this. If you only look at the figures of Friday, 100,000 deaths out of 1.6 million infections, you would end up with a death rate of 6.25 percent.

Many experts believe that the real mortality rate is lower in percentage. This is because many infections are not known. Patients with mild symptoms sometimes don’t know they have the virus and are often not tested.

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