Aussie wins 30 million and quickly leaves office: “From now on fishing and golfing”

“Would you continue to work if you won the lotto?” It’s one of those questions that’s already been thrown into the group on a cosy terrace. Despite all that money, would-be-millionaires often claim that they still want to continue working. But not this Australian who won 30 million euros, kicked it off immediately at work, and doesn’t want to return at all.

For most of us, the question remains purely hypothetical, but a few people are indeed confronted with it: what if you win the lotto? Like a man from Leumeah near Sydney. He turned out to be the winner of the jackpot that the Oz Lotto had been looking for since Tuesday. The man only understood that he was the winner when he checked his note because he heard that the winner was from his region but had not yet been found.

Thursday afternoon, local time, he exclaimed at work: “Oh my God, I can’t believe it! I have to cry and laugh! Oh, my God!” He couldn’t comprehend it. “I’m speechless, I can’t believe this is happening to me.” He called his daughter as a helpline for confirmation. He came. “As soon as she confirmed, I kicked it off at work, without saying anything. I had to calm down at home. Gosh, what a beautiful life I have!”

The Aussie wants his family and friends to share in his wealth. He doesn’t want to return to his job. “I’m definitely not going to work anymore. I want to buy a house by the sea and fill all my days fishing and golf. But money doesn’t mean everything to me. Friends and family are more important. That’s why I want to spend it wisely and share it with them.”

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