Australia: entire village goes on sale (photos)

Located in the heart of the Allies Creek Forest, the village of Monogorilby is currently on sale.

Consisting of 12 well-maintained Queenslander-style houses, this village is located in the east of Queensland State.

An opportunity to seize, for those who dream to become homeowners or simply to invest in real estate.

The price of this village, 320,000 euros. Which would be the price of an apartment in Paris or Brussels.

A quiet and well equipped village.

This village, which is in the heart of the Allies Creek forest is a true haven of peace. To get there, you must go through the woods along a red dirt road. It is a remote village, with an area of ​​150,000 square metres. The announcement was made on the website and said that the village has water and electricity.

Despite that, it has a tennis court and a helipad. Monogorilby is 40km from the small town of Mundubbera, which is 400km from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

A constantly decreasing price

The little history of the village is that it housed workers in a sawmill. While it closed in 2008, Natali Williams and her husband bought it to turn it into a caravan park.

However, when the husband died, the widow sold the village for 1.34 million euros. The village finding no buyer, the price has dropped from day to day, until reaching 320,000 euros.

To date, some houses are rented, and therefore the future owners will be able to make some money, while waiting to settle there or to transform the village.

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