Australia: visas for African athletes that disappear after CW game expire – Dutton warns

In Australia, authorities have asked athletes who have disappeared at the Commonwealth Games to travel to or leave the country before the end of the day.

Their visas expire on Tuesday.

More than a dozen athletes from African countries went missing during these games last month.

These are the athletes from Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. They all disappeared from their homes during the Commonwealth Games held from April 4th to 15th. Some did not even participate in competitions.

To stay in Australia, deserters must file a formal refugee claim before their visa expires at the end of the day.

According to BBC that has learned that several athletes have received legal advice from an asylum resource centre in Melbourne – others have reportedly travelled to Sydney and Brisbane.

The Australian government has asked the athletes to come forward, otherwise coercive measures will be taken.

The Australian authorities warning that any foreign person who does not hold a valid visa will be detained and then deported.

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