Baby for Jessica Chastain via surrogate mother

Jessica Chastain and her husband Gian Luca Passi have become the proud parents of their first child. The baby, a girl named Giulietta, came into the world via a surrogate mother.

Jessica and Gian Luca took a walk through the New York Upper East Side towards a paediatrician, where they were ‘caught’ by photographers. The 41-year-old actress keeps her private life as good as possible shielded from the press. But was also seen last month when she pushed a pram on the set of her upcoming film ‘Eve’.

The baby would be about 4 months old and has had quite some flying hours in spite of her young age. She accompanied her parents to Paris. Where Chastain had to show up to light the Christmas lights for the famous department store Galeries Lafayette.

Jessica and Gianluca were married in 2017. Spokesmen of the couple did not want to respond to questions from the press.

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