Baby J Is A Surrogate Baby – Kemi Olulunyo Attacks Linda and her son

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo took to his twitter account to reacts on the news of Linda Ikeji’s delivery.

On twitter handle, she insisted that “Linda ikeji used a surrogate,” describing “how Linda failed to pay attention to details. USA neonatal blankie, no hospital staff in pictures, LIVE or RECORDED videos,” she also, added that her “Phone call to @emoryhealthcare asking to visit “a Linda Ikeji” in maternity ward and no such patient exists.”

She tweeted that: “#hnnopinion LMAO😁😁🇳🇬 #LindaIkeji is officially 10 mos pregnant today after her 6 mos🤰 announcement May 17th 2018. Time to drop that prosthetic moonbump and call the surrogate who had settled for N1.8M. Baby J or JJ has no official dad 🙄even on her own post. Thx Theo!👏💪”

Kemi added that it was a planned event, “TOMORROW is Linda Ikeji’s Birthday. 19th September carefully planned to coincide with Baby J’s delivery (not arrival). A great way to attract sympathy, love birthday and baby gifts back to back. She will be 42 and NOT 37. She was BORN in 1975”

Below are here tweets:

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  1. Kemi no matter your hatred to her it can’t change the truth. Many occasions she snapped her pregnancy nude and it was all over net, if you can’t let go of your difference go and berried your shameless face in the grave.

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