“This is a basketball match, not a strip club”: fans angry after sexy performance

During the Russian basketball competition, the cheerleaders were the most strongly discussed after the third match between Spartak St. Petersburg and Samara. Several home fans, present in the children’s room, accused the organizers of having caused a very “inappropriate” opening act.

Nine dancers in outfits that didn’t leave much to the imagination, including high heels, did not immediately show off with an energetic choreography; It was therefore not long before the fans, and especially those who were present with children, expressed their dissatisfaction. “This final needed an 18+ category,” it read on social media, among others. However, the show was announced in advance as an “elegant choreographic exercise.”

A selection from the fans’ reactions: “This was a real comic act. Unheard of to take care of this in public places such as a sports arena. This is a basketball game, not a strip club.” Or also: ”Dirt is everywhere! On television, in sports, in films! How can we give this generation of children a decent upbringing?” One said, “My friend could have appreciated this, but my youngest daughter didn’t do that at all. I should not have taken her.”

The match also ended in a home defeat: 56-66 for Samara, so that the club with its second win in a row, is certain of the national title in the best-of-three final.


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