Before and after patients had failed “plastic surgeon”

Wesley Murakami promised his patients a fresh face, renewed, barely intervened and subtly improved. However, what dozens of patients saw in the mirror was a scam. A scam that deformed them for life.

Professionally located in Goiania, in the centre of Brazil. He attended those who requested an appointment at his clinic with a smile. He promised them that everything they wanted could be done. Thanks to their novel plastic techniques.

Wesley Murakami, the doctor who was left in the middle of a controversy for alleged malpractice

But now, all those patients feel cheated. They believe that there was malpractice on the part of Murakami. Who injected an excessive number of prohibited products such as Metacryl. Or PMMA into his procedures. According to the Medical Council of Brazil, the use of the product PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) should only be injected within the prescribed limits of five millilitres.

This product is considered very dangerous and in some countries, like in the United States, its use is prohibited.


At least 40 of them initiated a trial for the doctor for having left them with serious sequels on their faces. In addition to the irreversible damage to their bodies, many of them began to suffer from depression and some had attempted suicide.

Alexandre Garzon, before and after undergoing an aesthetic practice with Wesley Murakami

During the week, several of their patients were encouraged to share their faces. And make public the suffering they went through after undergoing the experience of Murakami. Who was temporarily suspended his license.

Alexandre Garzon, 35, is one of the victims. In addition to suing the doctor for the value of the surgery performed in 2014, he also wants compensation for the damage caused. “He told me I would look really good and that all the marks on my face would disappear.” On the contrary, his face deformed.

“The plastic will remain in my face for the rest of my life, this guy must be stopped because it continues to ruin the lives of many people,” the victim added, according to DailyMail.

Another victim of 28 years who did not want to be identified but published his images went through the same as Garzon. “My face was distorted, I was ashamed to go to school and the stress of teaching made my face swell even more. I had to cover my face with my hair and people looked at me strangely.”

Society of Plastic Surgery

According to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, Murakami did not meet the qualifications to practice the speciality. “Although it seems a simple and risk-free procedure. What we have seen in our clinics is that patients come to us with complications derived from professionals who are not specialists. This product is not an absorbable substance and causes an inflammatory reaction. It is imperative to emphasize that people should never perform these procedures with those who are not specialists,” said Sergio Conceicao, director of the association.

In his Instagram account, Murakami shows success stories to counter the news and photos that invaded the Brazilian media. He says he is “outraged by the slander and insults that are spoken,”

“My lawyers are reporting on the complaints that have been formalized and with certainty, we will clarify all the facts and resolve each issue. Some people have charged only one response to so many accusations. However, there is a moment for everything. What is possible for the proper development of the investigations and the process,” said the doctor in a statement.

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