Before blocking Suez Canal, Ever Given drew shameless images at sea

Ever Given ship has been disrupting global shipping for two days. The container ship performed another dubious feat just before blocking the Suez Canal. As ship-tracking websites show, its captain was practicing drawing a penis on the high seas.

As shipping through the Suez Canal, a key trade route between Europe and Asia, remains blocked for the second day in a row by the container ship Ever Given, digital investigator John Scott-Railton has made an unusual discovery that adds absurdity to the ship’s misadventure.

After consulting several sites specializing in real-time monitoring of global shipping traffic, Scott-Railton was able to establish that before the Ever Given caused a massive traffic jam in the Suez Canal, it had sketched a picture that shows the rather childish frivolity of its captain.

“It has now been revealed that the Ever Given’s journey was even more cursed than we had thought,” comments Vice.

Egypt continues to make efforts to free the container ship, which is owned by the Japanese company Shoei Kisen Kaisha. The incident has resulted in significant delays in the delivery of oil and other commercial products.

Aircrafts do it too

Last November, the pilots of a Boeing 737-800 belonging to the Russian low-cost airline Pobeda “drew” a pen!s in the sky over the Urals to express their support for the captain of the Russian football team, Artem Dzyuba, who was ousted after the release of an intimate video.

According to Russian air traffic control, the maneuver by a plane with about 100 passengers on board lasted about 30 minutes. In the wake of the incident, which caused an uproar on social networks, Pobeda’s CEO was reprimanded by the board, and one of his deputies was dismissed.

Not just phallic symbols

But not all pilots (and captains) are the same, and some of them use their aircraft to make drawings that don’t necessarily make you blush. This was the case for German pilot Samy Kramer, who drew a syringe in the sky with his Diamond DA20 Katana in the run-up to the start of the national Covid-19 vaccination.

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the captain of a cruise ship belonging to the Marella Cruises group, which had to suspend operations for health reasons, took care to draw his smiling logo at sea as a thank you to his customers.

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