Belgium: 8 years old gifted boy ready to enter university

A young gifted Belgian has just graduated at the age of 8 after completing six years of study in just one and a half years.

To accomplish this feat, Laurent took private lessons because he was bored in class.

Laurent Simons, a native of Ostend in the Flemish region, was to be in secondary school but he has already finished high school. The young boy, whose father is Belgian and the Dutch mother, has an exceptional IQ of 145, well beyond threshold of 130, from which a person is considered as gifted.

Speaking during an interview with Belgian radio RTBF, Laurent said that his favorite subject is mathematics. “It’s very vast. There is statistics, geometry, algebra.”

He is also proud to have completed his secondary education.

“I am proud. I am also happy to have finished school,” he added.

After two months of vacation, Laurent will enroll at the university but he has not yet chosen his sector. He still hesitates between computer science, medicine and astronomy.

His father says that Laurent has always been a child very different from others. “For him, it was difficult to play with others. He watched how it went. He did things differently. He did not know what to do with toys.”

Whatever the choice of Laurent, he will always have the support of his parents.

“If he decided tomorrow to become a carpenter, it would not be a problem for us, as long as he is happy,” said his father.


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