Belgium: Bandits detonate a cash dispenser and pocket the jackpot

In Buggenhout, a Belgian municipality, bandits blew up on Wednesday a cash machine in a Bpost office.

They thus pocketed 250,000 euros, more than 163 million CFA Francs. The information, given by several Belgian local media on Thursday, was confirmed by the Dendermonde section of the East Flanders Prosecutor’s Office.

Unfortunately for the bank, the ink-based anti-theft device that makes the notes unusable did not work.

“They must be real professionals,” said a source from the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

“They had to know where exactly to put the explosives so that the ink cartridges burst without staining the notes.”

An investigation was opened, confirms the floor, without giving further details.

A similar attack in a bank office in Kinrooi

In Limburg, precisely in the village of Kinrooi, four armed and hooded men attacked an ING bank office on Monday, June 4th.

It was around 4 o’clock in the morning that the neighbours heard explosions.

The bandits detonated two bombs and left with the ticket machine and a safe.

According to VTM Nieuws, the band has managed to volatilize. A little later, a team of deminers went on site.

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