Billionaire Mo Ibrahim explains why the world is making fun of Africa

One of the richest men in Africa and founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the Anglo-Sudanese Mohammed Ibrahim, known as Mo Ibrahim, condemned the continued support of young people to elderly and sick people who come forward as candidates for the presidency in Africa.

In a recent event attended by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, the well-known businessman and philanthropist condemned the attitude of many African leaders.

“Please allow me to be frank , do not be offended… You see people at age 90 about to start new warrants, are you crazy or what?”.

“We see people in wheelchairs unable to raise their hands to run for office. It’s a joke; you are free to laugh… the whole world is already making fun of us. The United States, the most important country in the world, whether you like it or not… Obama who is half African anyway was 46, 47 years old. If “Obama was in Kenya”, what would he do? he would drive the bus? may be.? And he was not the youngest president. (Bill) Clinton and (JF) Kennedy were even younger.

For all, Mo Ibrahim wondered why big nations entrust their destiny, their nuclear weapon, their savings, all their resources to men who are in their forties while in Africa “we only choose men who is 90 years to lead us; Where do we drive? At the grave?”.

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