Bizarre – Chicken lays remarkable egg: not oval, but oblong

As if the chicken was lost for a while. This is what the brown egg looks like, that a resident of Nijkerkerveen in the Netherlands found yesterday in her chicken coop. An egg that is not an egg in terms of form and shape.

Gea Berculo looked weird when she took the eggs from her eleven hobby chickens out of the loft. “I have never seen such an egg. I did not know what I saw but It has the shape of a droll, but it is an egg. No idea how this can be done”. A phone call to the University of Wageningen must provide clarity. Rick van Emous, researcher on Animal Feed, explains extensively that the chicken of Mrs. Berculo has an inflammation of the laying organ and that is the part of the chicken where the egg is formed.

“In about twenty-five hours the egg is formed, the scale of which is formed in the last sixteen hours. The channel is affected by the inflammation and then you get this kind of special eggs. I call it a joke of nature. For example, the eggs may also have ridges,” he explains.

According to the scientist, the chicken is suffering with certainty from the Newcastle Disease (ND), a serious and contagious disease whose poultry husbandry used to suffer a great deal of disruption. “In case of an outbreak many dead chickens fell. Nowadays chickens are vaccinated against this. However, there may occasionally be a sick chicken between them and you will find a deformed egg. Incidentally, the scale of these eggs is thin and often the egg is broken in the hen’s formation.”

Will the chicken from Berculo lay more non-egg-shaped eggs? “A second joke of nature is not excluded. But it may also be that she stops laying. Whether she survives the virus remains to be seen.”

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