Boko Haram causes massacre in Nigeria: at least 69 dead

Armed members of the Islamic terrorist organization, Boko Haram, have killed at least 69 people in northern Nigeria. The massacre took place in the Borno region, three sources report to Reuters news agency.

Faduma Koloram was the target of the attack. An unknown number of militants arrived in vehicles and motorcycles around noon and attacked the village with machine guns.

Although the villagers had weapons, they were completely taken aback by the attack. The village is said to have been razed to the ground. The attackers also captured 1,200 cattle and camels.

The reason for the attack is that some villagers have shared information about the terror organization with the Nigerian security authorities.

Boko Haram and the associated terrorist organization, Islamic State of West Africa, have already caused thousands of deaths in northeastern Nigeria.

At least, millions of people have fled from the region

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