Boom!: Spell of painful farts, after abusing witch doctor’s daughter (video)

A man who defiled the daughter of an aboriginal doctor was punished with painful farts, a phrase that was captured in a sequence that went viral on social media.

According to the report, the spell has been “cast on him”, which makes him “farts so violently that it tears his anus bit by bit”, even the sound of his farts sounds like a shooting gun in war movies.

Many sources on Facebook have confirmed that the man who raped the daughter of the native doctor was punished with severe pain to continue living every time one passed.

Here is the video below and their reactions: “This guy raped a witch doctors daughter. the spell has been casted on him he now farts so violently that it tears his anus bit by bit”

Meanwhile, in Lagos state, police arrested a 36-year-old father who allegedly deceived and raped his 14-year-old daughter.

State Public Relations Officer Ngozi Braide said this when she informed reporters in Ikeja on Friday. Ms. Braide said that the girl had been pregnant for two months and that the man claimed to be spellbound. He added that the girl’s mother had divorced her father seven years ago.

The victim told journalists that her father brought a native doctor who convinced her that sex was part of the treatment to cure her undisclosed sickness before she was raped.

“My father gives me native soap and sponge probably for ritual bath always. He once entered the bathroom with me and had sex with me forcefully. He took me to bed forcefully several times in his room and when I refused, he threatened to kill me with a knife. Since then, he had been making love to me under the guise that I will be cured,” she said.

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