Bounty hunter captures the largest python of the park: 5.3m long

In the Everglades National Park in Florida there are not only snakes, but also bounty hunters who consciously look for the slippery animals. Kyle Penninston, a professional snake hunter, recently caught the biggest snake in the Everglades Park in Florida. A snappy to say to you.

The Everglades National Park suffers a lot from success. These were probably introduced by nonchalant owners, causing the ecosystem to be confused. The snake population multiplied in a short time and in the meantime poses a threat to the birds and rodents. But other animals are also threatened. That is why the park hired 25 snake-hunters. Who were to track down and kill the Burmese pythons as part of an elimination program. They receive just over seven euros per hour with bonuses. Penninston received the biggest bonus so far, not for nothing because he caught an even bigger snake.

5.3 meters long and 54 kilograms
The specimen that spotted Kyle Penninston was no less than 5.3 meters long and weighed 54 kilograms. In short, a true nightmare for many children (and adults). The experienced snake hunter proceeded boldly and managed to kill the beast. He received a bonus of 330 euros for that. Burmese python in the Everglades park are invasive species that are among the five largest snakes in the world. They live in South America and southeast Asia. The animals can grow up to five meters long and mainly eat poultry, but some of their fellows even eat alligators and deer. In the meantime, almost 2,000 snakes were eliminated in the Everglades National Park in one and a half years, and Penninston caught the biggest for the time being.

Largest python in the world
And do not be mistaken: pythons can become even bigger. The Guinness World Record is reserved for Medusa. That snake is seven meters long and owned by a company in Kansas City that makes haunted houses.
©Guiness world Records-Medusa stays in the company of a company that travels with haunted houses.

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