Boy (4) reply woman who places “stinky feet” on his seat

An American boy (4), on a flight from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida, set up a woman who had surrendered to a very irritating habit: she had her bare feet on the armrests of his seat. A video showing how the boy is serving her in a disarming way is now going viral.

The images were recorded by the boy’s father, Darryl Small (28). He shared the video on his Facebook page, where they were viewed almost 50,000 times and received hundreds of responses.

First flight

The video shows how Rodney – for whom it was his first flight – tells his father in amazement that “stinky feet” of the passenger lie in the seat behind him on his armrest. Father Darryl does not recover anymore and films how the bare feet protrude between the seat of his son and the wall of the aircraft.

Then turn the boy without hesitation around and calls him twice indignantly: “Your feet are on my arms”

“He knows it’s not polite to put your feet on the seat of someone else,” responded Darryl at Unilad.

“Although we don’t think the woman did it consciously, Rodney reacted like everyone would respond. But unlike many adults, he did not stop himself from doing that openly. The expression on his face was hilarious.”

The woman understood the message. She took her feet away and apologized to the boy.

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