Journalists Boycott ‘Victory Day’, Fill Pro-Russian News Site With Anti-War Reports: “Putin Is A Paranoid Dictator”

Two Russian journalists took advantage of the 9 May “Victory Day” parade and the pro-Russian news site filled with anti-war reports. They call President Vladimir Putin a “pathetic and paranoid dictator” and write that he is responsible for the “bloodiest war of the 21st century”.

Egor Polyakov and Alexandra Miroshnikova previously reported critically about the war in Ukraine. However, these messages have been deleted time and again and can now only be found in the archive. In order to generate a little more attention for their articles, the two journalists decided to take advantage of ‘Victory Day’, 9 May. On that day, Russia celebrated its victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

Act of resistance

“Putin lied about the Russian plans in Ukraine”, “The Russian army turns out to be an army of thieves and looters” and “Russia leaves the bodies of its own troops in Ukraine”, are just a few titles of the articles that Polyakov and Miroshnikova published yesterday.

In addition, they wrote a personal letter: “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be silent! Fight back! You are not alone, we are many. The future is ours.”

“We had to do it today”, the journalists testify about their act of resistance. “We wanted to remind everyone what our grandparents fought for on this day: for peace.” The Russian journalists do not believe that the war will end soon: “And we cannot accept that. Ordinary people die, peaceful women and children die in Ukraine. We have to do something about that.” is one of the largest pro-Russian news sites in the country and part of the gigantic propaganda machine used to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

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