British conspiracy theorists set fire to 5G antennas but do 5G link to corona?

On social media, people propose that the coronavirus was caused by 5G. Or even that there is no virus, but that the victims die from side effects of 5G technology. Don’t be fooled! YouTube takes strict action against conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. For example, videos linking covid-19 and 5G are immediately removed, the tech company reports to the British newspaper The Guardian.

The company is taking that step after several cell towers with 5G antennas were set on fire in the UK last week. This happened in places such as Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling.

Conspiracy theory

The background of the actions is probably the conspiracy theory that the masts play a role in the spread of the coronavirus according to their post on the Facebook group “Stop 5G UK”. That theory claims that 5G radiation would destroy the immune system, which would have evolved a common cold in the corona. Or even that there is no virus, but that the victims have died due to the effects of 5G on the body.

Numerous other messy links between 5G and corona are also made. For example, The people that spread the rumors refer to Wuhan, where the coronavirus broke out, as the first Chinese city where 5G was rolled out. That’s not right, because other cities in China have had 5G for some time.

Communication emergency services

On sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, the conspiracies are already circulating frequently. And although the claims have already been refuted several times, they remain popular with the believers. With all its consequences, recent in the British show examples.

British Vodafone boss Nick Jeffery stressed to The Guardian that the telephone masts that are now being set on fire are vital for communication with emergency services.

Fake news

Youtube’s coming into action. By the way, videos with theories about the ‘danger’ of 5G are still allowed, but YouTube draws a line when a link is made with corona. According to the site, this fits in with the current policy. Videos showing unsubstantiated medical methods are always prohibited, according to a spokesperson.

YouTube reports that the company has removed thousands of videos with fake corona news since February. The giant tech companies agreed earlier to work together against fake news. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Reddit, Youtube, and LinkedIn have signed a statement to this effect.

The signatories are calling on other companies to participate. Facebook says in its statement that it has already taken measures, such as banning ads that could create fear or advertise unproven drugs.

No, 5G does not cause a coronavirus

Be careful with false messages on social media! On social media, people insinuate that 5G caused the coronavirus. Or even that there is no virus, but that the victims die from side effects of 5G technology. Don’t be fooled, however. Many false reports circulate about the coronavirus.

These false messages also cropped up in Africa and spread quickly by believers. The spreaders point to Wuhan, where the coronavirus broke out, as the first Chinese city to deploy 5G. That’s not right, because other cities in China have had 5G for some time. That 5G technology is harmful to our health has not been scientifically proven.

According to Prof. Idowu Farai, during his inaugural lecture, at the University of Ibadan Nigeria in 2011, he said, “concerns have been expressed about possible harmful effects on health, such as cancer, due to radiofrequency (RF) radiation from the GSM base stations. Several alarming publications have raised these concerns in the newspapers by some of our scientists”.


The professor continues that “there are speculations that there are several non-thermal health stochastic effects at the low power density of GSM operations. The claims include sleep disturbances, dizziness, palpitations, headaches, blurred vision, swelling, nausea, burning skin, tremors and electrical currents in the body, chest pressure, cramps, high blood pressure, and general weakness.”

“A fundamental problem is that people don’t know that there are different kinds of radiation and energies. All crawling animals are not snakes! The energy of a photon in GSM signals is either 4uev (900MHz) or 8uev (1800MHz),” he sounds.

“These energies are one million orders of magnitude less than the minimum radiant energy of about 16eV that can ionize water molecules and cause health effects. We may be interested to know that after reflection and absorption by the atmosphere, the intensity of solar radiation that bathes us on the Earth’s surface is, on average, 198W/m2. This is thousands of times more than the power density that a base station or even a radio station can emit. Because of the colors and cries on GSM security, we all should have been killed by solar radiation,” concluded by the professor Idowu.

If we could believe the three professors of radiation physics from the University of Ibadan on the issue of “conspiracy of 5G,”. Then, the man who created the linking of 5G to coronavirus “can be compared to someone interpreting a foreign language he’s never studied. He doesn’t know what he’s saying. In a simple explanation, the so-called 5G (fifth generation) is a transmission with a much higher frequency range than 4G.”

Pastor Chris explaining how 5G network link to Covid-19

Reacting to a video message linked to a Nigerian pastor that explained how coronavirus is related to 5G, Professor Farai of (Physics department the University of Ibadan) says, “I hope we will all understand the nonsense in this video of this simple explanation. Communication networks of any G, for now, and so on, are generally located in frequencies of the Order of GigaHertz (GHz or 10⁹ Hz).”

“Meanwhile, the bulk of the energy from the sun (solar radiation) is in the UV frequency range (i.e.10¹⁵ Hz). Now I ask, how can humanity, which has swum under the sun’s UV radiation over the centuries, is now threatened by radiation of energy more than 1 million times less than UV radiation?” the professor asks. He added, “that’s one point. The most important thing is that for us on this platform, no technology is not controlled by international organizations made up of experts from all parts of the world.”

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