British mama gets to school after her daughter’s homework is full of errors

A British mother was accused by her daughter’s school of ‘deprivation’ after throwing her daughter’s homework on Facebook on high legs and complaining about the many grammatical mistakes that were in the works. And no, those mistakes were not made by the daughter, but were pre-printed in the workbook.

Danielle Rowland from Tamworth in the UK could not believe her eyes when her seven-year-old daughter had to solve a crossword puzzle as homework, full of grammatical errors. “For homework that has to promote reading skills, this is shocking”, the woman wrote on Facebook with a photo of the work.

For example, there is already a big mistake in the assignment itself. The children are asked to fill in the crossword, but instead of ‘inserting’ there is ‘interesting’. The post was soon seen and shared by other parents, until the commotion finally reached the headmaster of the Moorgate Primary Academy in Tamworth.

School director Jonathan Williams called Rowland and accused her of slander. “I was disappointed by the school’s reaction,” says Rowland. “I put the photo on Facebook to see if other parents also had problems with the homework. A number of people picked it up and then I spoke with the headmaster. He thought it was libellous that I had put it online and that it is damaging the school.”

The woman is not pleased with her contact with the school, where her two other children go. “The director threatened that if I did not take it offline, he would get a data manager. I was very disappointed. It seems to me that as a teacher you have a kind of pride about your work. But such things harm the learning process of a child.”

Meanwhile Williams admits that there are ‘errors’ in the homework. “We see that the specified homework contained errors. Unfortunately, this has happened, but we have now taken measures so that this does not happen again. The school will continue to provide homework because it supports the concept of home learning.”

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