British professor criticizes plan of Harry and Meghan to move to Africa

Prince Harry (34) and his wife Meghan Markle (37) dream of moving to Africa, but not everyone is waiting for that. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not have to go to Africa to build their brand or increase their influence. Africa has nothing to do with royalty glamor, says British activist and professor Kehinde Andrews in an opinion piece on CNN.

According to the latest reports, Harry and Meghan are going to live in Africa for two to three years and want to combine charity work with tasks for the Commonwealth and promoting the United Kingdom. Former ambassador David Manning, who advises the couple, sees benefits for both the royal family and the United Kingdom. They could take full advantage of the ‘rock star status’ of Harry and Meghan. Moreover, Meghan would like to introduce her child to the real Africa.

“Unfortunately, the reality is that the only tradition the couple would embrace is Britain’s long colonial history in general, and the royal family in particular,” writes Andrews in his opinion article. According to the activist and scientist who works at the University of Birmingham and is considered the first professor of black studies in the UK, “this was not exactly the intention” when black radicals talked about a “back to Africa” movement.


“So, if Harry and Meghan take the step, they will not represent modern multiracial couples everywhere, but the colonial institution that is the British monarchy,” Andrews continues. He believes that doing charity work and having yourself photographed with elephants “does not destroy the historic nature of the relationship between England and Africa” and does not understand why Harry and Meghan should become part of an international publicity plan. “Nothing is more global than the British royal family.”

Andrews aloud wonders what the prince and his family would do if they live in Africa. “In the past, British members have treated the colonies as their personal playgrounds. (…) It is the culmination of British colonial arrogance that the duke and duchess discuss their dream destination at a time when African migrants have never been less welcome in Britain. This should serve as a reminder that the monarchy symbolizes the problems in Africa, and it is unlikely that Harry and Meghan are part of the solution by simply changing their home address.”

Whether Harry and Meghan, hoping to welcome their first baby very soon, are really considering an emigration, has not yet been officially confirmed. According to Buckingham Palace, “all future plans” by Harry and Meghan are “speculative at this stage.” “No decisions have been made about their future roles. The duke will continue to play his role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.”

British professor criticizes plan of Harry and Meghan to move to Africa
©EPA-British Prince Harry kept his pregnant wife Meghan dry during a rainy day in Australia.

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