Buhari government feeds 8,500,000 pupils everyday – Lai Mohammed

Information Minister Lai Mohammed said President Muhammadu had “succeeded” in terms of governance, insisting that the “government that feeds 8.5 million students every day is a government that benefits the people”

He said so on Saturday at the Anglican Church of Olives, Tanke, Ilorin.

Speaking to the congregation, composed of politicians, the vicar Rotimi Omotoye had urged the authorities to render a disinterested service to the population and to avoid the abusive acquisition of wealth and material goods.

He also accused the government of doing more to improve security, peaceful coexistence, reduce poverty and improve the standard of living of citizens.

Reacting to the priest’s exhortation, Mohammed said President Buhari was on the right track.

“The pastor said that the government should aim to reduce poverty by improving the lives of citizens, if these are the criteria of good governance, I think we have passed,” he said.

“I can boldly say that the government that feeds 8.5 million students every day is a government that benefits the people.

“A government that provides infrastructure such as rail, roads, bridges, electricity and water is a government that turns to people and touches lives.

“I came out of this service more convinced that this government is on the right track because not all of our programs are for just a few individuals, but for the public.”

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