Cakes containing drugs sold to students in Uganda

A spokeswoman for the Ugandan police department made an announcement that law enforcement has located and detained individuals in connection with the distribution of illegal drugs. They are accused of peddling narcotics to students by disguising them in baked goods like pancakes and cakes.

The Ugandan police have been quite strict with anybody they suspect of being involved in the drug trade. They are being investigated for allegedly selling marijuana-infused candies and snacks to customers. As a result of their participation in this traffic, four people have been taken to jail.

According to the spokesperson for the police department, Mr. Enanga, the suspects were apprehended after ten pupils were expelled from their high school for ordering cakes containing narcotics to ingest during a school celebration.

According to the authorities, the fact that the cake wrappers carrying marijuana had labels that were identical to those offered in supermarkets made it difficult for young kids who were not participating in the traffic to recognize them. They are only aware of the distinction after they have consumed the food or drink in question.

They have asked principals and teachers to report any suspicious cases to them, but they have also asked students to be cautious and carefully monitor what they consume during school holidays.

The Ugandan police take this issue, which has become trendy, very seriously and have asked principals and teachers to report any suspicious cases to them.

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