Cameroon: 11 women and their babies treated like slaves in hospital (photos)

A dozen of women and their newborns become victims of inhuman treatment at Yaounde Central Hospital for nearly a month.

According to the CameroonWeb newspaper, investigations show that 11 women delivered at the central hospital by caesarean section.

After the operation, the hospital gave them exorbitant bills ranging from 200,000 FCFA to 300,000 FCFA, not having enough money to pay the bills within 7 days, the hospital ordered them to leave the hospital beds.

For leaving the hospital beds, they crowded like animals in a very narrow room, of room A35 of the main maternity where they sleep on the floor.

According to them, one of the victim said that: “we do not even go out, we do not even see the outside. We are treated badly here more than prisoners.

“They do not even pity the newborns. We are forced to dry the children’s clothes at the window because we do not have the opportunity to go outside. When we are hungry, we call the security guards and ask them to buy us food.

“Sometimes they accept, sometimes they refuse. We proposed to the director through the major to sign a commitment to go to work to pay our bills, something he refused.

“We even advanced the little money we had on us, he refused by demanding that we pay everything until the last penny,” added one of the affected mothers in disarray.

Does the hospital director take into account the conditions and risks to which these women and their children are exposed?

Is it because they are poor and they can not pay the bills on time that they have to be treated as badly?

What is the social service in this hospital for?

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