In Cameroon, 72-year-old man marries 19-year-old girl

The marriage of 72-year-old Henri Onana and 19-year-old Sylvie, that recently took place in Obala, Cameroon, continues to generate ugly comments on social networks.

If one and the other are extraordinarily struck by this union, it is in view of the difference of age. Between the radiant Sylvie who is still a student at Obala High School and the famous cocoa farmer Henri Onana, the difference in age is considerable twice of the young girl. Mr. Onana is 53 years older than his wife Sylvie.

With such an age difference, can we still speak of love? For Pauline, a Facebook user, “love has no age”. The proof is that love has been above the age difference in this couple. The most important thing is “to support them, congratulate them and wish them all happiness.”

In Cameroon, 72-year-old man marries 19-year-old girl

But another Facebook counters her points. For Achille, the “love must be reasonable”. Between Monsieur Onana and the young Sylvie, he should not “have a wedding because apart from being two different generations, there is also that this gentleman can be the father” and “even the grandfather of little Sylvie”. That’s why the 72-year-old Mr. Onana had to refrain from putting himself with such a girl.

However, that both agree or disagree with the marriage of Sylvie and Henri, it remains that the couple has decided to unite by the bonds of marriage and therefore, he does not think to be low profile.

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