Cameroon: An uncle rapes his two nieces to death

The incident that happened in Nkongsamba in the coastal region has plunged residents into deep consternation.

Two daughters, Moyopa Thana Kiriane Gloria and Mbianda Extrema Noelle, aged 6 years and 7 months respectively, were raped to death by their uncle.

The parents of the victims had gone to a vigil, leaving her children under the custody of their uncle, Joel Tankoua, 31 years old.

The suspected uncle have taken the opportunity to implement his diabolical plan.

According to the eyewitness, reported by actucameroun, Tankoua, cousin of the father, would have made use of the drugs to the two children to avoid the noises during the act.

On their return, the parents discovered the lifeless body of their 7 month old baby while the 6 year old was in critical condition.

Rushed to Nkongsamba Hospital, she died a few hours later.

Disgusted by the situation, the mobs decided to lynch on Mr. Tankoua, but he was saved by the intervention of the police.

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