Cameroon: couple makes a blood alliance against infidelity [VIDEO]

The advent of the Internet has allowed people to do almost anything and display the result online. A video of a Cameroonian couple is trending all over the country, and elsewhere on the web.

A couple was seen taking an oath of blood for themselves. They first pricked their fingers and then they sucked blood from each other. According to reports, they took an oath to remain faithful. The video was then shared on Facebook.

Usually, it is believed that any party who does not follow the covenant, becomes mad or dies.

There have been mixed reactions on social media, some saying it’s pure stupidity and others saying it’s a proof of true love.

Traditionally, a blood covenant was when someone shed his own blood and offered it on an altar or what he believed was right (sometimes a religious act) and swore to support a certain task, no matter what.

It was also when a person or people shed blood, usually they cut their hands and then shake hands in accordance with a task they swear to maintain the reports.

Can you take an oath of blood with your partner?

Watch the video below…

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