Cameroonian separatists “blow up” a military vehicle

The Cameroonian army has posted photos of a military convoy attack in the village of Kembong in the South West region on Thursday.

Separatists who campaign for an independent state for the English-speaking regions of the south-west. And north-west of the country are accused of being behind the attack. The fighters reported that they had planted an improvised explosive device (IED) on a road. To prevent security forces from moving into the area.

The army, however, has not yet issued an official statement on the attack where no soldier was killed. But it is not certain that there were any casualties. Kembong is one of the regions most affected by ongoing fighting between the army. And English-speaking separatist fighters, who want to create an independent state called Ambazonia.

The successful use of an improvised explosive device indicates rather the escalation of the Anglophone crisis. The English-speaking regions of the country have been affected by more than a year of deadly violence.

Residents claim that the Francophone majority discriminates against them. Thursday’s attack comes barely a month after President Paul Biya called on the secessionist movement to lay down arms and “get back on track”.

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