Canada: The grocery store where to pay “what we can” (Video)

In Toronto, a Canadian Chief Jagger Gordon has put in place the ‘Feed It Forward’ for the underprivileged.

Through this project, he recovers abandoned food, “deformed”, but also unsold products or about to be discarded because of the expiration date that approaches, to give them to the poor.

This initiative avoids the waste of food. Among other things, they are fruits and vegetables unsold by supermarkets or “ugly” products. According to Radio Canada, the chef does it for the needy.

A cheaper grocery store
To make these foods available to the needy, the chef has opened a business, without making a profit, in Toronto, Canada.

On the products, no price is displayed. The customer is free to pay what he can, in the form of participation.

However, the supply is reasonable because only day trips are allowed to allow other families to enjoy.

Better distribution of food
To expand his initiative, the project leader “Feed It Forward” imagines a system of recovery of unsold food to benefit the needy.

“Every year, Canada wastes $31 billion,” said Jagger Gordon. He would like these foods to be distributed to the needy.

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