Canaries – the last refuge of the Atlanteans?

The Canary Islands, led by Tenerife, are one of the most mysterious places in the world. Mysterious ancient structures, caves, pyramids, etc.. – are here literally at every step. Who built them and why – is still the subject of debate and speculation for scientists…

It seems that there is nothing left in our world of the once-mighty civilizations of the past. Is it only legends and myths, which we tend to consider as fairy tales and fiction? But sometimes the world presents riddles, which are very difficult to explain, throwing out of the history of mythical times. One such mystery is the story of the Canary Islands and their inhabitants, the mysterious people of the Guanches.

The Guanches were tall, athletically built, blue-eyed blondes. Peaceful but proud. They painted on the rocks colorful petroglyphs (probably a script, not yet deciphered), decorated their bodies with tattoos, and… mummified the dead like in Ancient Egypt, using aromatic herbs, also found in the Inca mummies near South American Lake Titicaca.

At the same time, living surrounded by the ocean, the Guanches were afraid of open water. They did not even communicate with neighboring islands. They were the only island people in the world without any seafaring skills or watercraft.

Although the Guanches lived in the Stone Age at the domestic level, they were characterized by a high social organization under Mencey – kings. The entire island was once ruled solely by a Mencey named Tinerfe El Grande.

During his reign, Tenerife achieved unprecedented power and prosperity. But everything changed with the death of the chief: Tinerfe’s nine sons divided the island into nine independent kingdoms. The feudal fragmentation and inconsistency in the actions of the Guanches later helped the Spanish conquistadors.

The Guanches also built stepped pyramids similar to those in Mexico. They can be seen at Guimar. In the authorship of the Guanches, however, not everyone is sure… In general, there are only dots…

About the existence of the Canary Islands is known from the earliest times by the stories of sailors and the works of historians. And, as usual, everything was shrouded in the veil of mysticism, conjectures and outright fairy tales.

Here, at the edge of the world, in the Garden of Hesperides, the nymphs hid the golden apples of eternal youth and hosted the Argonauts under Jason’s leadership.

The Guanches of the Canaries, especially on the islands of Homer, Herrero, Tenerife, could communicate with each other by… whistling up to 14 kilometers away! And it was not some pre-arranged signals, but the truest living spoken language, in which one could gossip – as much as one wanted and about anything.

Today, linguists cannot find any “relative” to the strange language of the Guanches….The most striking thing is the language of the Guanches of the island of Homer, with which they communicate with each other. Two inhabitants of this tribe, standing next to each other without uttering a single word, moved their lips. At the same time, they understood each other.

In his diaries, the Norman Jean de Betancourt wrote, “High people were living on these islands, who have a wonderful language. They speak with their lips as if they had no tongue. This tribe has a legend that the chief of their ancestors ordered them all to have their tongues cut off, so that they would no longer communicate in the language of the gods.”

There is still the legend of the eighth island called San Brendan (San Borondon) somewhere in the west of the archipelago. Only a select few are destined to see it; the ghost island hides from all others. Curiously, it appears on some ancient maps, and the number of lucky people who have allegedly seen San Brendan with their own eyes is in the thousands.

So who are they, the mysterious Guanches? Could they be descendants of the mythical Atlanteans? What secrets did they carry with them, almost completely destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors? And is there an eighth island in the Canary archipelago, which is considered ghostly? The answers to these questions came through a conscious dream.

The information does not claim to be scientific but perhaps will be of interest to those who are free from skepticism and the constant search for material evidence, which is assiduously classified by certain circles…

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