My life in Christ as a strong Christian

“My life in Christ” despite my employment, I have decided to give the thoughts that came to me during prayer…

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Jewish commandments

Moses, the chosen leader of the descendants of Abraham, brought the Israelites out of the Egyptian exile. As a “translator”…

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The weapon of last hope from the biblical Gath

During excavations in the city of Gath, archaeologists made an exciting find:

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Ten plagues of the Egyptians

The blow came from where no one expected it. Who would have thought that the entire industry

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40 years of Jews in the desert

Jewish sages claim that all the events described in the Torah have a deep spiritual meaning. And therefore, it is…

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Temple of the Jews

Have you been to the Western Wall in Jerusalem? This section of the wall of the Jewish Temple, destroyed by…

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What does it mean when you dream about fighting?

Depending on the dream's context and details, fighting dreams can have many different interpretations.

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Hotel dreams and their meanings

A hotel is a place to relax and relax; for others, it's a sign of leisure, vacation, or time off.

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What does dreaming about Cats mean?

When we see cats in our dreams, it's a sign that we need to broaden our perspective on life.

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Why do I keep dreaming about my ex: dream interpretations about ex

A dream about an ex can represent various things, depending on when the dream takes place and the events within…

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Dreaming about flood: Interpretation and meaning

A flood in a dream can represent both positive and negative aspects of real life.

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Churches near me: No good church in my area; what should I do?

It is great to have a church to support you as a Christian, but the core of being a Christian…

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