Lack of phosphorus in Universe reduces chances for extraterrestrial life

When exploring the cosmos for signs of life, astronomers usually look for the presence and concentration of chemical elements such…

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The mystery of the death of the ship “Ourang-Medan”

There were no signs of violence or injuries. After smelling the smoke, the rescuers left the ship, and a few…

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Worst floods in history

Whole cities can be wiped off the face of the earth by floods, killing tens of thousands, if not hundreds…

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Seth: most mysterious Egyptian god with head of an extraterrestrial animal

At first glance, the appearance of the ancient Egyptian gods seems rather simple and unsophisticated: they were anthropomorphic half-human half-animals.

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The mystery of the origin of the Sphinx

The Sphinx is a horrible mythical creature with the face of a man, the body of a lion and an…

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The little people of the Pryor mountains

Legends of creatures of small stature living in caves or mountains have existed in various cultures. Native Americans were convinced…

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Thinis – the first capital of ancient Egypt

During the period of Thinitus, from 3100 to 2700 BC, the capital of Ancient Egypt was Thinis (in ancient Egyptian…

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Secrets of Ancient Egyptian statues

The lack of the high-precision equipment with which numerous ancient Egyptian artifacts could be created and absence of traces of…

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Ancient lenses: Did advanced optics exist in ancient times?

Why have archaeologists not noticed optical lenses – thin instruments made of various materials that already prove the existence of…

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Toubou tribe: endurance champions in Africa

At the junction of three states – Libya, Niger, and Chad, in the heart of the Sahara Desert lives the…

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Why did ancient Egyptians have almost no cancer?

Scientists have examined hundreds of mummies in an unsuccessful attempt to find traces of malignant tumors; they concluded: that cancer…

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Do Egyptians live in Scottish Neolithic village of Skara Brae?

The strongest storm that hit the west coast of the island of Mainland in 1850 led not only to a…

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