Prayer against envious enemies

Someone who seems like a wonderful friend but is really your adversary is known as an envious enemy

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Things Christians should understand about prayer

Prayer is the medium we use to communicate with God. It is essential to our spiritual life, which is why…

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5 lessons Jesus teaches us about prayer

Jesus came to earth to lay down his life for us and teach us how we should conduct our spiritual…

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What is speaking in tongues?

Speaking in tongues is not strictly speaking a doctrine, but it must be the object of clear teachings and supported…

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5 lessons to learn from the death of Ananias and Sapphira in the Bible

Each of the stories that arose in the early church still teaches us today. Whether happy, funny, tragic and sometimes…

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6 biblical tips for managing your money the way God wants it to

God has oversight over every area of our lives: our relationships, lifestyle, and even our finances. As disciples, we need…

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5 factors that will hinder you from entering your promised land

"Brethren, I don't want you to forget that our forefathers were all under the cloud, that they all passed through…

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What is true Christian faith?

faith is defined in Hebrews 11 as "a strong assurance of things hoped for, and evidence of things not seen."

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Three important lessons to learn from Jesus’ first miracle at Cana!

John 2: 1-12 is the first of many miracles Jesus performed in his 3 years of ministry on earth. As…

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What can we learn from the merchants being driven out of the temple by Jesus?

When we first learn about Jesus, we typically see Him as a kind, benign man, full of love and patience,…

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How to fight against our daily sins?

Many Christians have conflicting feelings about sin. At the same time, they adore and despise it. They both adore and…

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5 times God showed mercy, grace, and forgiveness in the Bible

We've all felt tremendous sorrow, disappointment, and a deep sense of shame for having sinned against God for the umpteenth…

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