Ten plagues of the Egyptians

The blow came from where no one expected it. Who would have thought that the entire industry of humanity would suspend all its activities for a few weeks or months because of tiny organisms? Cities were deserted, factories stopped, state conflicts were suspended. A change has come to the world that has never happened.

Many people feel that the central part of their life has suddenly disappeared: work, entertainment, resorts. Everything came to a kind of stagnation as if someone had stopped the hands on a clock. Now, all humanity has entered a new era: when you need to sit at home and be left to yourself. For some, this is a difficult test, while it is an ordinary way of life for others.

Exit from Egypt and Egyptian executions

Passover tells us that the Creator called Moses to gather the people of Israel (which was not a people at that time) to lead them out of the Egyptian exile from under the rule of Pharaoh. But Pharaoh did not want to leave the Jews go. And then the Creator unleashed his wrath on the Egyptians in the form of 10 Egyptian executions. And only after that Moses was able to lead the people out of Egypt.

Perhaps now, we are going through something similar to such an execution on the eve of Passover. After all, if you think about it, we have accumulated unnecessary things around us for many centuries, overgrowing with artificial jungles. And it seemed to us that everything was as it should be, and this is the natural evolution of man. It’s like we live in Egypt, in which we want to stay forever because we feel good in it. And we can’t even imagine another life.

But nature turned out to be wiser than all politicians and scientists. He created a simple virus that stopped all production and all this human chaos. And surprisingly, right now, we have the opportunity to rethink all our values.

Let’s leave the prophecies about the coronavirus, frightening news and think about what helpful came to us during this period? By keeping everyone locked away from each other, the virus made our rally. It helped me feel that we only outwardly approached each other to pursue shopping, fashion, and extreme values all the years of human development. Now all this is left outside the threshold of the house, without people. As if nature made us throw it all in a landfill. And at that moment, we began to realize that fundamental values are people.

Just think of what the coronavirus has done to us. Border countries have stopped their training in hostilities against each other; people go to the store only ten people for the necessary products. They do not stand in kilometre-long lines for a new smartphone; young people began to care for the elderly, everyone began to think about how not to harm others.

This is similar to the executions that came to Egypt to free them from follies.

In pursuit of surpluses, we forget how far we are more and more distant from nature, harm it. But maybe it doesn’t want to destroy us but return us to its bosom? Therefore, we should not be afraid of this virus, but thankful for it because it does not harm us but helps to return to our origins, closeness to nature. For this, it is worth saying thanks to the Almighty.

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