India can’t deliver on its promise to become major grain exporter

India seems unable to keep its earlier promise to become a major grain exporter. The country is reportedly even considering…

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FBI foils Iranian assassination plot against Pompeo and Bolton

The FBI has uncovered a plot by a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to assassinate John Bolton, and Mike Pompeo…

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“Catastrophically paralyzed”: this is how Russian economy after Western sanctions

The Russian economy has been “catastrophically paralyzed” since the introduction of Western sanctions and the departure of more than a…

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Refugee Sri Lanka president not yet resigned

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the president of Sri Lanka, has not resigned on Thursday morning despite repeated promises to do so by…

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No alcohol in stadiums during the World Cup in Qatar

The stands of the football stadiums in Qatar will remain alcohol-free during the World Cup in November and December.

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Ukraine wins ‘soup war’ from Russia: “And we will win the other war too”

Unesco has officially recognized Ukrainian borscht, a soup made from beetroot, carrot, potato, cabbage, and onion, as an intangible heritage…

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Temple of Debod: the Egyptian Temple in Madrid

There is a real ancient Egyptian temple in Spain – the temple of Debod, which is over 2000 years old.…

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These US states already have abortion bans in place just hours…

Barely 24 hours after abortion laws were reversed in the United States, many (conservative) states have already banned abortion. Some…

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Head of Russian state broadcaster openly admits: “All our hopes are set on famine”

The Russian authorities hope that a blockade of grain exports from Ukraine and a possible global food crisis will lead…

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Fraudulent network leads to Putin’s hidden fortune

Suspicious Russian email addresses with the same domain name have led to the gargantuan fortunes of President Vladimir Putin and…

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Taliban: ‘Women who don’t fully cover themselves try to look like animals’

In the Afghan city of Kandahar, the Taliban’s religious police posted signs that Muslim women who don’t wear a burqa…

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Atmospheric CO₂ levels at highest level in 4 million years

The CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere in May 2022 was half that of the pre-industrial era. This is the highest…

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