Israeli twin sisters give birth to sons on the same day

In Jerusalem, two identical twin sisters gave birth to their sons on the same day. The 31-year-old women were hospitalized…

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No more Netflix in Russia

The American streaming platform Netflix is inaccessible in Russia. This makes Netflix one of the last Western companies to complete…

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Journalists Boycott ‘Victory Day’, Fill Pro-Russian News Site With Anti-War Reports: “Putin Is A Paranoid Dictator”

Two Russian journalists took advantage of the 9 May “Victory Day” parade and the pro-Russian news

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How rich is Putin? This is the modest wage Putin earns

Russian President Vladimir Putin earned 10.2 million rubles, last year. Besides that modest income, he has an apartment of 77…

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Inside North Korea: Japan imposes further sanctions on North Korea

After North Korea's latest missile test, Japan imposes additional sanctions on the country. The government announced this on Friday.

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Humiliation for Putin: Ukraine reveals identities of hundreds of ‘Russian spies’

Ukrainian authorities have released a list exposing hundreds of “Russian spies”. The list contains the data of as many as…

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Another assassination attempt on Ukrainian President Zelensky foiled. But what if it works?

Ukrainian intelligence services have thwarted another possible assassination attempt on President Volodymyr Zelensky. Striking: each time, the assassination plans were…

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WHO air quality guidelines: no country meets clean air guidelines

No country meets the WHO air quality guidelines 2021. The clean air quality standard was set by the World Health…

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Finns are the happiest people in the world for the fifth year in a row

The Finns are the happiest people in the world for the fifth year in a row. Denmark is second, Iceland…

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What does Russia want from Ukraine?

In a conversation with Turkish President Erdogan, Russian President Putin laid out his demands for ending the war in Ukraine.

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A wave of resignation at Russian state media after Marina’s bold move

Everyone has known Marina Ovsyannikova since Monday evening during the news with a message against the war in Ukraine. She…

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These 9 (ex-) top athletes who fight for Ukraine

Many (former) top athletes join the Ukrainian army following the Klitschko brothers. In addition to a football coach, eight others…

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