Where did Akhenaten and Nefertiti disappear – most legendary couple in Ancient Egypt

A huge number of mysteries are connected with the era of the reign of Amenhotep IV, who lived about 3…

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Incredible Ghost Islands – an Arctic Mystery

The literary adventure novel “Sannikov Land”, written by the famous in the USSR candidate of geological and geographical sciences author…

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Giants, Titans, elves and other similar creatures – mythology or reflection of reality?

For many centuries, the motif of giants and dwarfs has been traced in the mythology and literary works of different…

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Magic sphere from Athens

A marble sphere 30 centimeters in diameter was found in 1866 by Professor Athanasios Rusopoulos among the ruins of the…

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Ancient Egyptian artifact: exact explanation of which has not been found

Researchers have long tried to understand why it was intended but have not been able to give a precise answer.…

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Christian Heinrich Heineken – Fate of the most brilliant child in history

Christian Heinrich Heineken, from a small town in northern Germany, went down in history as the most brilliant child ever…

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Why Bond’s boss got tattoo on “5th point”? Little-known facts about actress Judi Dench

She has six DAFTA awards to her credit, nominated for an Oscar eight times and is even a Dame Commander…

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Why did Pope Urban VIII forbid sneezing in the 17th century?

Sneezing is an active reaction of the body to any irritant. Before science could explain exactly what makes a person…

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How an ordinary painted pillar caused the decline of ancient Egypt?

One of the most advanced and greatest civilizations of antiquity is, of course, the Egyptian. It may seem strange, but…

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Can dark matter give rise to “dark life”?

The vast majority of mass in our universe is invisible, and for quite some time, physicists have been trying to…

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Tiahuanaco mystery and the starry sky

The mysteries of the ancient city of the American continent – Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku), have been written about more than once.…

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Catacombs of the Czech Republic – mystique and reality

Catacombs of a small town Jihlava, located in the southeast of the Czech Republic, is a place shrouded in many…

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