How ancestors saw the Earth: Ancient geographical maps of the strangest shapes

The first geographical maps appeared on earth almost simultaneously with the emergence of a person’s drawing skills. True, these were…

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True Heirs of Pharaohs: Why only Coptic Christians considered ‘Native Egyptians’

The civilization of Ancient Egypt left us with a rich heritage, which in the western is customary to admire since…

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Ancient Roman ghost town of Timgad, buried in the sands of Africa for over 1,000 years

On the edge of the famous Sahara Desert, there is a lost city that the sands have hidden for more…

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Queen Victoria of England nearly became Queen of Nigeria due to translation difficulties

Probably few people have not heard of the Victorian era. This time is named in honor of Queen Victoria, who…

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Tuareg: Tribe where girls allow to have lovers before marriage

Tuaregs are one of the most mysterious peoples of Africa. Modern nomads have preserved an ancient culture, and much in…

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Matriarchy in Africa: Umoja, place only women suffered from male violence live

There is a unique village in Kenya, Umoja, where there are only women and men to the entrance is strictly…

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Blood with milk: most handsome men of the Ethiopian Bodi tribe

While Europeans and Americans fanatically struggle with every extra kilogram, the male representatives of the African body tribe try to…

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Secrets of ancient clay city of Bam appeared 200 years earlier than Rome

Of course, “Eternal Bam” does not sound as proud and majestic as “Eternal Rome”. But, by its involvement with eternity,…

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How a dead sister’s ghost turned a miner into a painter

Perfectly symmetrical compositions, rows of ancient Egyptian and Zoroastrian symbols, hypnotizing rhythms – like a mirror broken into many fragments,…

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How mysterious celestial wonders increase the study of “flying saucers”

The concept of “flying saucers” as alien ships has become an integral part of our culture. A substantial flat vessel…

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Facts about the Byzantine Empire: the cradle of modern Europe

The Byzantine Empire was the dominant Greek-speaking eastern half of the Roman Empire during the Late Antiquity and Middle Ages

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What is point Nemo? Real graveyard of spacecraft in pacific ocean

Why Nemo took so long to find, and why were the discoverers frightened when found? These places are a real…

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