What hides in a 4,000 years priest’s tomb recently discovered in Egypt

Egyptian archaeologists made a sensational discovery: 30 kilometres south of Cairo; they discovered the final resting place of the high…

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Discovery in the ancient city of the Tenea reveals a myth

The Greek Ministry of Culture reported that Greek archaeologists had discovered the ancient city of Tenea, which has recently been…

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Strange problems that prevented ancient people from living in peace

Everyone knows about the fundamental problems that people faced in the ancient past. They had too little food, too many…

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Reasons to be glad you’re not living in the Middle Ages

Many modern historians and textbooks portray the Middle Ages as a time of poverty, backwardness, and religious arbitrariness from which…

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What shamans smoked 1,000 years ago to interact with spirits and see the future

People from time immemorial have used various psychedelic substances. Today, Mesoamerican cultures used special mushrooms and different types of cactus…

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The richest silver mine in the world hidden under Lake Superior

Lake Superior is fabulously rich in silver. Unfortunately, mining this precious metal is a nightmare. The Silver Island Mine, known…

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Material biblical texts were recorded: Forgotten ancient technology of making papyrus

It is difficult to imagine how difficult the work of historians would have been if the ancient papyri had not…

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Mysterious jug with a coin discovered in abandoned village church

Workers accidentally discovered a jug filled to the brim with medieval silver coins under the rotten floorboards of an abandoned…

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Space tragedy of palaeolithic age: What destroyed ancient settlement of Abu Hureyra?

The ancient settlement of Abu Hureyra, which existed on the territory of modern Syria in the Paleolithic era, has long…

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Why are only girls born in an “anomalous” Polish village?

In the small Polish village of Miejsce Odrzańskie on the country’s southwestern border, the boy was last born nine years…

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Encrypted message in medieval hieroglyphic puzzle of garden of ancient Galicia

All forests hold secrets, and in all caves, there is sure to be a hidden treasure. All Galician history confirms…

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Lost Gardens of Heligan – place where the history of ancient England come to life

Cornwall is the most magical and mysterious county in all of England. It is steeped in tales and legends about…

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