How autistic woman invented hugging machine and became a professor

Today the name Mary Temple Grandin is known all over the world. She is a professor of animal husbandry at…

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Keyhole tombs: What ancient Japanese burial mounds hide

Japan is interesting because it constantly surprises people with its originality and, at the same time, with its similarity with…

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10 little-known facts about how gladiators passed away

When the gladiator was waiting to enter the arena, he was literally surrounded by death from all sides. He carried…

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The most famous tombs of queens and queens of the past

It is customary to treat the last refuge of the deceased, no matter how the body is after death, with…

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Sacred or widely used: the number 7 meaning

Beliefs about what the number 7 mean prevailed in most peoples of antiquity, and their echo reaches to this day,…

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What were the first mirrors, and how did they change over time?

The oldest mirror in the world, obsidian, dated back to 4000BC, considered the most senior, but how did they change…

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Ghost and graves tour: mysterious cemetery-museum of Campo Santo

The cathedral, the baptistery, and the famous tower remind tourists of the times when Pisa’s power, wealth, and pomp were…

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Mystery of 3,000 years ram-headed sphinx found in ancient Egyptian workshop

Egypt’s archaeological wealth seems to be endless. This time, scientists have discovered a 3,000 years stone carving workshop, which contains…

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Mystery of Giant Hand of Hercules: what happens to the statue?

In the Jordanian capital, Amman is a unique, very ancient place – the Temple of Hercules. These ruins, inherited by…

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The Scientific attempts to solve the mystery of the Shroud of Turin

One of the most mysterious religious relics – the Shroud of Turin - has haunted scientists since its inception. This…

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Secret of the ancient chariot buried with horses and a rider

The second Iron Age chariot in the past two years has been discovered in English Yorkshire. The discovery was made…

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Agharti, the earth’s inner world: Where and what is known about it

Facts about the underground kingdom of Agharti, found in the earth core, hidden from the eyes of most of humanity,…

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