How to get love back in a relationship

Sometimes, couples lose love feelings and must decide whether to stay together or separate. Here are ways to get love…

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How to stop thinking about being cheated on

Being cheated on isn't something you can easily forget. If you don't deal with your emotional baggage, it could damage…

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Reasons I don’t want to move in with my girlfriend

Moving in together and arranging your lives as a couple is one thing if your relationship is fresh or not…

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He ended it but still contacts me: why

He can contact you if he still loves and wants to return.

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6 reasons why he doesn’t care about you

No woman who can take care of herself would ever want to be the target of a man’s disrespectful attitude…

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How to find a date

Here are some places to find a date if your experience with dating has not been very successful.

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What to do if your partner threatens to break up with every quarrel

Hearing "We're breaking up!" during an argument may make you worried and depressed, even if you and your partner were…

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Why can’t I stay in a relationship for long

You can make subtle mistakes that will destroy even healthy and happy relationships.

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8 worst date places that fail

If you want her to reply to your messages after the first date, it's better to choose a more suitable…

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Cognitive distortions: 7 thinking traps that ruin our relationships

Cognitive distortions are ways that our minds trick us into thinking something is true when it's not.

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Why don’t guys notice me: 7 reasons

If you can change some aspects in your life and around you, guys might notice you.

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Codependency relationship: 9 signs you’re addicted to a relationship

Addicted relationships can be characterized by obsessive attention that is given to the partner while an inadequate amount is given…

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