What to do if your partner acts like a parent

A relationship with a partner who is more like a parent is not healthy.

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Common misconceptions about love that are ruining relationships

Love is a great experience, but it's often misunderstood as a pathological attachment or an unhealthy desire to possess another…

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6 things to do if you feel like you and your partner are drifting apart

You and your partner may not see each other enough. Family, career, and priorities also contribute to your drifting apart.

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Why am I attracted to toxic relationships?:9 reasons

When love took priority over other factors like respect, trust, and affection for one another, the relationship is toxic.

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Why do men show interest and then disappear: 6 reasons

After the frequent conversations, dates, or a relationship, it's painful when a man disappears.

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10 things a woman looks for in a man

These are what a woman looks for in a man.

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How to survive the betrayal of a loved one

It is painful and unpleasant, but you need to find the strength to survive this difficult period e of betrayal…

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Don t date her: 6 types of girls you shouldn’t date

Most girls are good and it's a matter of taste here, but there are several types of ladies that you…

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Why do good girls like bad guys?

When building a relationship, kindness can be the most unexpected hindrance, and the choice will fall on the one who…

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What to do if your partner is upset but won’t tell you why

When your partner is upset, you think of ways to comfort them, and this can get problematic when your usually…

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Signs that you are in a codependent relationship and what to do

When one person is caring and the other person takes advantage, the relationship is a codependent one.

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5 reasons why guys pretend to like us, and how to understand it

There are a few reasons that people stay with people they don’t really like, even though the reasons people stay…

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